6th to 16th January 2022

Loco & GamerJi Presents College Gaming League - Valorant Tournament

CGL is a tournament organized by Gamerji (www.gamerji.com) & Loco (www.loco.gg) for aspiring college gamers to showcase their skills and get recognized into the competitive world of Esports. These 32 college teams will battle it out in Valorant to play for the pride of their college fans & of course amazing prizes!

  • ₹75,000 Prize Pool
  • Battle Royale Play Mode
  • PC Platform
  • 32 Colleges Colleges
  • The tournament will be hosted on Valorant platform
  • Custom rooms will be created at scheduled time for each round. Each match in rounds 1, 2 & 3 will consist of 1 map Round 4 (Semi Final) will consist of 3 maps & Final will consist of 5 maps
  • Different custom rooms will be created for each match and the joining details will be provided to the captain via Whatsapp messages 15 mins before the start time.
  • Do not share the ID & the Password provided by Gamerji with any non participant or this will result in disqualification of the team.
  • Gamerji is not responsible for participants not joining on time and no rematch will be allowed in such circumstances
  • Final result will be based on the number of wins per team & not individual performances
  • In case of disputes, the decision of Gamerji admin will be considered final and cannot be challenged
  • Cheating or Hacking of any kinds will be considered a serious offense and the team will be disqualified from the tournament
  • If you join with a Username different from the one provided during registration, the player will be kicked out of the room and will not be allowed to play
  • Valid identification and college proof will be required during collection of prizes
  • For any other questions or queries email us on support@gamerji.com

CCGL - Valorant Tournament

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1st Rank

₹ 40,000

2nd Rank

₹ 20,000

3rd Rank

₹ 10,000

4th Rank

₹ 5,000